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Top professional conference organizers choose gowebcasting

Conferences are all about being there. But, sometimes, that’s not possible–and you need the next best thing.

Gowebcasting is a leader in virtual attendance solutions, offering the best live online conference experience, optimized for every device.

Conference organizers who need to attract worldwide audiences, generate new revenue streams, and archive presentations for future attendees, choose gowebcasting as their live webcasting provider.

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“I have worked with the gowebcasting team since the company’s inception. We partner on several international events in North America, Western Europe and Asia, and I have been very pleased with the quality of webcasting service provided. Beyond the technical expertise, timely response and attention to detail, gowebcasting fosters the relationship which has become so important in a world full of vendor choices.”

Nancy Larned, VP Operations

Precious Metals Summit Conferences LLC

Non-Profit Conference sample

Homecare Summit

Industry Conference sample


  1. Industry conferences

  2. Government conferences

  3. Multi-track conferences

  4. Private or invitation-only, with password protection

  5. International events

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