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Current time: 8:32pm PDT, Saturday, March 23, 2019 (All times noted are PDT)

11th Annual Fetal Alcohol Canadian Expertise (FACE) Research Roundtable on Tuesday, September 14th, 2010



Gideon Koren, MD, FRCPC, Director, Motherisk Program, The Hospital for Sick Children


A message from the Honourable Mary Polak, Minister, BC Ministry of Children and Family Development


Profile of 1,400 patients evaluated for FASD at the WA Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Diagnostic & Prevention Network

Susan J. Astley, PhD, Professor of Epidemiology/Pediatrics, University of Washington, Seattle WA


Announcement of 2010 Canadian Foundation on Fetal Alcohol Research (CFFAR) Grant Winners

Louise Nadeau, Ph.D, Chair, Canadian Foundation on Fetal Alcohol Research, and Gideon Koren, Director of Research, CFFAR


Developing a national screening tool kit for FASD

Gideon Koren, MD, FRCPC, Director, Motherisk Program, Hospital for Sick Children


Introduction to NeuroDevNet

Dan Goldowitz, Ph.D, Canadian Research Chair, Tier 1 in Developmental Neurogenetics


Fetal ethanol exposure and post natal epilepsy: "the tip of the neurobehavioural iceberg"

Peter L. Carlen, MD, FRCPC, Head, Division of Fundamental Neurobiology, Toronto Western Research Institute (TWRI) Senior Scientist, Division of Fundamental Neurobiology, TWRI


Maternal drinking guide to identify women at risk of alcohol use in pregnancy

Vyta Senikas, MD, Associate Executive VP, Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada


Atypical hippocampal activation during associative recognition in children with FASD

Erin D. Sheard (1), S. Wheeler (1,2) Joanne Rovet, (1,2)


Neurobiological effects of prenatal alcohol exposure and stress: a potential pathway to increased vulnerability to substance use problems

Kristina Uban, J. Weinberg, L. Galea, Behavioural Neuroscience, University of British Columbia


The association between meconium FAEE and FASD diagnosis

Joey Gareri, M.Sc, Laboratory Manager, Motherisk, The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto


Neuroimaging cognitive function in children diagnosed with ARND and ADHD

Krisztina L. Malisza, PhD, B. Bolster, C. Clancy, A. Chudley, S. Longstaffe, University of Winnipeg


Placental formic acid and folic acid after alcohol exposure: two sides to the story

Janine Hutson, M.Sc, B. Kapur, P. Carlen, B. Stade, G. Koren, University of Toronto


An examination of the abilities, risks, and needs of adolescents and young adults with FASD in the criminal justice system: a research update

Kaitlyn McLachlan, MA, R. Roesch, Simon Fraser University


Announcement of 2010 Scientific Poster Competition winners