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CME 2010 Sustainable Manufacturing Summit, RBC Sustainability Report Launch.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010 at 4:15pm ET

Is there a business case for sustainability?

Businesses succeed when they become an important part of their customers’ success. With consumers, businesses, and governments around the world paying greater attention to reducing their environmental footprint, Canadian manufacturers and exporters are finding significant new business opportunities in providing the necessary solutions that help their customers adopt environmentally-sustainable manufacturing (ESM) practices.

  • Learn what leading Ontario companies are doing in 2010 to achieve their environmental goals and get your company on track
  • Learn how “going green” can help drive sales revenue as well as reduce costs in the new economic normal

Building on CME’s ENERGY 2009: Lean & Green Summit, CME’s 2010 SUSTAINABLE MANUFACTURING SUMMIT will examine the latest developments in sustainable strategies for manufacturers on key green topics including:

  • Full Cost Accounting,
  • Energy Effi ciencies,
  • Clean Technologies,
  • Renewable Energy,
  • Carbon Management, and
  • Supply Chain Management


The Bottom Line

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