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ONLINE  |  May 24 & 25 2021


Abra Silver Resource Corp.- Silver Gold Copper, Argentina Chile

AbraSilver Resource Corp.TSX-V: ABRA I FRA: 1AH

Anaconda Mining Inc. - Gold, Canada

Anaconda Mining Inc.TSX: ANX I FRA: GJ2B

Blackrock Silver Corp. - Gold, Nevada

Blackrock Silver Corp.TSX-V: BRC I FRA: AHZ0

Bonterra Resources Inc.

Bonterra Resources Inc.TSX-V: BTR | FRA: 9BR2

Cartier Resources Inc. - Gold, Canada

Cartier Resources Inc.TSX-V: ECR I FRA: 6CA

Closing Keynote - Keith Neumeyer, President, First Majestic Silver Corp.

Keith Neumeyer

First Majestic Silver Corp.
Closing Keynote

Closing Keynote - Ross Beaty, Founder & Chairman, Equinox Gold Corp.

Ross Beaty

Founder & Chairman
Equinox Gold Corp.
Closing Keynote

Corvus Gold Inc. - Gold, Nevada

Corvus Gold Inc.TSX: KOR I MUN: 1GL

Defiance Silver Corp. - Silver/Polymetallic, Mexico

Defiance Silver Corp.TSX-V: DEF I FRA: D4E

District Metals Corp. - Polymetallic, Sweden

District Metals Corp.TSX-V: DMX I FRA: DFPP

Eloro Resources Ltd.

Eloro Resources Ltd.TSX-V: ELO | FRA: P2Q

Endeavour Mining Corp. - Gold, Africa

Endeavour Mining Corp.TSX: EDV I FRA: E5Y1

Excellon Resources Inc. - Precious Metals, Mexico

Excellon Resources Inc.TSX: EXN I FRA: E4X2

GR Silver Mining Ltd. - Silver/Gold, Mexico

GR Silver Mining Ltd.TSX-V: GRSL I FRA: GPE

Granite Creek Copper Ltd.

Granite Creek Copper Ltd.TSX-V: GCX I FRA: GRK

Keynote Presentation - Chris Taylor, President & CEO, Great Bear Resources Ltd.

Chris Taylor

President & CEOGreat Bear Resources Ltd.
Keynote Presentation

Keynote Presentation - Jessica Schwarzer, Journalist and Author

Jessica Schwarzer

Journalist and Author
Keynote Presentation

Keynote Presentation - Leigh Curyer, CEO, NexGen Energy. Ltd.

Leigh Curyer

NexGen Energy Ltd.
Keynote Presentation

Keynote Presentation - Nicole Adshead-Bell, Founder, Cupel Advisory Corp.

Nicole Adshead-Bell

Cupel Advisory Corp.
Keynote Presentation

Keynote Presentation - TBD (Stefan Breintner)

Christian Vartyan

Asset Manager
Global Investment Partners

Minera Alamos Inc. - Gold, Mexico

Minera Alamos Inc.TSX-V: MAI I FRA: PYCP

Moneta Porcupine Mines Inc. - Gold, Ontario

Moneta Porcupine Mines Inc.TSX: ME I FRA: MOP

NexGen Energy Ltd. - Uranium, Saskatchewan

NexGen Energy Ltd.TSX: NXE I FRA: 6NE

Opening Keynote - Marc Friedrich, Founder & CEO, Friedrich Vermögenssicherung GmbH

Marc Friedrich

Founder & CEOFriedrich Vermögenssicherung GmbH

Orezone Gold Corp. - Gold, Burkina Faso

Orezone Gold Corp.TSX-V: ORE I FRA: OEX

Outback Goldfields Corp. - Gold, Australia

Outback Goldfields Corp.CSE: OZ I FRA: S600

Pacific Ridge Exploration Ltd.

Pacific Ridge Exploration Ltd.TSX-V I PEX

Palladium One Mining Inc.

Palladium One Mining Inc.TSX-V: PDM I FRA: 7N11

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Monday, May 24th, 2021 at 12:40pm CET

Revival Gold Inc. - Gold, Idaho

Revival Gold Inc.TSX-V: RVG I FRA: 76V

Ridgeline Minerals Corp.

Ridgeline Minerals Corp.TSX-V: RDG I FRA: 0GC0

Sailfish Royalty Corp.

Sailfish Royalty Corp.TSX-V: FISH

Sun Summit Minerals Inc. - Gold, British Columbia

Sun Summit Minerals Inc.TSX-V I SMN

Troilus Gold Corp. - Gold, Quebec

Troilus Gold Corp.TSX: TLG I FRA: CM5R

Vangold Mining Corp. - Silver/Gold, Mexico

Vangold Mining Corp.TSX-V: VGLD I FRA: E35C

Wallbridge Mining Company Ltd. - Gold, Canada

Wallbridge Mining Company Ltd.TSX: WM I FRA: WC7

Westhaven Gold Corp. - Gold, British Columbia

Westhaven Gold Corp.TSX-V: WHN I FRA: 1W5

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