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A Note to AV Professionals

As an AV or staging professional, live events are your bread and butter — but in the pandemic era, virtual events have become more important than ever.

Most likely you either own or subscribe to your own streaming platform, but it is, admittedly, cookie cutter and limiting in a variety of ways. 

It works fine for especially smaller, less demanding clients. But when a client–a client you want to keep–is more demanding, and has specific virtual event needs, what do you do?

gowebcasting has its own proprietary webcasting software, created by its founders who worked in the field for years. Since they created it, they understand the software’s parameters and complexities. Also it was built with more redundancies and flexibility than its counterparts. And it is constantly being updated.

We work with you based on your preferred method of signal acquisition: We can use your encoder, drop our encoder into your virtual studio or onsite for remote management, tap into your Bluejeans, Webex, Zoom or Microsoft Teams session to encode at our operations centre, or receive audio over phone lines. In every case, what we wrap around the live stream can be highly customized, password protected, IP restricted or 2FA-enabled, enhanced with audience response tools, and supported every step of the way.

We partner with large AV companies who use our backend with their important clients. It’s still your logo and your company, but with our software and expertise.

Please contact us for more information.


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