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Virtual Town Hall Meeting

Virtual Town Hall Meetings

One of the most challenging parts of the pandemic is the adjustment in working from home, which means that virtual town hall meetings have become more important than ever

We help corporations understand their options when it comes to the various approaches available to them–the ones that suit their technological and internal corporate needs, including security and firewall issues. In some cases it is possible to use what is already in place, such as collaborative videoconference applications. In some cases other technologies, such as an operator-assisted conference calls, remote management of our onsite encoding equipment, or integrated audience response tools (chat, polling) are the best solution for your virtual town hall meeting.

“We have worked with gowebcasting for over 5 years and have found the webcasting services that have been provided to be professional, accurate, on-time and cost effective. Charles and his crew have always come through without a hitch for all of our corporate webcasting events, in addition they follow through after the events with timely archives and additional support as required.”

Rob Larson
Major Canadian Exploration and Production Company
Virtual Town Hall Meetings

We offer technical run-throughs and multiple dry runs, along with full dress rehearsals, so roles are clear and comfort levels are high. In the case of last-minute announcements, we are ready to create interface pages, run test streams, and proceed to the live event on extremely short notice, sometimes with only hours to spare.

gowebcasting will help you discover your technological and branding solutions, whether it be for virtual staff meetings, team meetings, leader meetings, or C-suite events.

Our clients have told us their live internal events are making an outsized difference during the pandemic. They are helping teams stay informed and connected, raise spirits and provide an immediate, present connection. 

Let us help you navigate all the moving parts and host a great virtual town hall meeting that you will be proud of.


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