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Virtual AGMs During the Pandemic

Virtual AGMs During the Pandemic

For publicly traded companies, virtual AGMs were an entirely new concept that, due to to the pandemic, they were thrust into with very little warning.

Normally a highlight of the corporate calendar, the AGM had to be re-thought from top to bottom, considering branding, technological and regulatory requirements. And AGMs for the foreseeable future look to be just as complex.

gowebcasting is a partner with many corporations as they broadcast professional audio or video AGMs (while the chairman, directors, CEO, CFO, corporate secretary all or mostly work from home). This is accomplished using various video and audio conferencing technologies, while working closely with AV and conference call providers, virtual voting platforms, transfer agents, etc. to satisfy regulatory and legal requirements. 

gowebcasting is also a leader in broadcasting virtual AGMs in multiple languages with live simultaneous translation, switching from multiple inputs like pre-recorded videos, live closed captioning, and many other bespoke solutions.

The gowebcasting team will help you navigate an inherently complex process, and initiate and evolve a virtual AGM framework that many have found surprisingly advantageous on many fronts, and plan to continue with regardless of the pandemic.

Allow us to share with you what we have learned from scores of successful virtual AGMs to find what works for your team.


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